To readers: Door is open

There has been a lot of slap-back in recent days regarding this column and the one penned weekly by associate editor Terry Anker. Speaking only for this column, we write in this little corner of the newspaper to share our views. We’re here to stir discussion, not to raise hell. This could come as a surprise to many among the readership, but we actually talk and sometimes debate about what to write for the next edition. It should be of absolutely no surprise that we’re conservatives, but not Republicans. Lately, given our leanings (not spewing hate, as some state in emails to us), feathers have become ruffled. That wasn’t the goal. The objective was and is to encourage discussion on any number of points. This is neither an apology for anything you have read in this space nor is it a condemnation of viewpoints counter to ours. Previously, we have made the offer to those whose views differ from ours to write their own piece in this space. We meant it, and we still mean it. It absolutely will be printed, as long as it remains G-rated, and it only will be edited for editorial style, grammar and spelling; never would the tenor of the writing be changed. We recognize our communities are evolving, that this swath of Indiana no longer is fully Republican Central, and so the door still is open to anyone that wishes to share his or her views. Anyone. We will offer this warning, however: This column holds “approximately” 279 words. Writing for this space sometimes can be an arduous exercise of heavy self-editing required. In all sincerity, if you wish to join us, welcome aboard!

  • OverUnderClover don’t think any of those letters could be published? Were those not clear answers to this invitation?