Westfield City Council approves golf course, restaurants, gas station near downtown

Compiled by Noah Alatza

Westfield City Council met May 22 and approved both items on the agenda. The next city council meeting is at 7 p.m. June 12 at City Hall, 130 Penn St. For more, visit westfield.in.gov.

What happened: Dartown PUD passed unanimously, despite council member Cindy Spoljaric’s concerns.

What it means: The development is proposed by Edgerock Development and would sit on 39 acres at the northwest corner of Ind. 32 and Dartown Road. The Advisory Plan Commission already hosted public hearings on the PUD and sent a positive recommendation to the council. It will allow for retail and industrial development. A new gas station is already planned on the property. Spoljaric doubted the construction of a gas station on the site.

“I hope it will be the last,” she said, referring to the Ind. 32 corridor of gas stations near the U.S 31 interchange.

Despite her concerns, Spoljaric joined the other members in voting unanimously for Dartown’s passage, 7-0.


What happened: Oak Pointe PUD, miniature golf course passed city council, 6-1.

What it means: The Oak Pointe PUD Amendment was approved in a 6-1 vote after a favorable recommendation from the Advisory Plan Commission. The Oak Pointe PUD will allow for a 32-hole miniature golf course west of Ind. 32 near the U.S 31 overlay. The proposal was met with some opposition, including from Mayor Andy Cook.

“I would rather not see a ‘Dollywood’-type theme near U.S 31 and (Ind.) 32, Cook said.

“(The) aesthetics of (the Ind.) 32 overlay must be considered,” council member Cindy Spoljaric said. “While this course looks nice in the summer, and in these photos, we need to think year-round.”

No other councilors spoke on the measure. Council member Joe Edwards was the only dissenting vote.

  • MiMi

    would be nice to see a Cracker Barrel come to Westfield near SR 32 and US 31