Westfield to host inagural ‘Donut Trail’ June 2-4

A map of the trails included for the Donut Trail. (Submitted photo)

By Noah Alatza


The City of Westfield will host its first Donut Trail series June 2-4. Participants can pick up passports, which include a guide with rules, a map and how to earn free donuts beginning May 26. The map will reference 12 sweet stops located throughout Westfield’s trail system, which encompasses more than 11 miles of named trails.

Participants can take a donut sticker found inside the donut-shaped sign at each sweet stop. When the sticker is found, it will be placed inside the passport.

When all 12 sweet stops have been visited and the donut stickers retrieved, the completed passport can be taken to five locations for free donuts.

“There is no specific place you have to start. It can be anywhere (along the trails,)” said Emily Clark, community events manager for Westfield Parks and Recreation Dept.

The event is for people of all ages.

“These stickers must be redeemed by June 4,” Community Events Manager Kelley Wells said. “The participating businesses will not accept anything late.”

The event is to encourage the engagement of local businesses in Westfield, Communications Director Erin Murphy said.

“This is a way to incorporate the community, trails and our local businesses in a quality way,” Murphy said.

All donut shop locations are near the trail system.

For more, visit westfieldwelcome.com/events.

Passport Pickup Locations

  • City Services: 2728 E. 171st St.
  • Grand Park Event Center: 19000, Grand Park Blvd.
  • Titus Bakery: Suite 110, 17471 Wheeler Rd.
  • Jack’s Donuts: 17423 Carey Rd. Suite B
  • Dunkin’ Donuts: 950 Tournament Trail